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This is a language research site, the goal is to collect language learning ideas, concepts, and pedagogy tricks. And then Internet pages to help you learn any foreign language. Please post your questions, or write articles about your language school, books, etc. Thank you, Andy Lee Graham

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How To Learn Ewe In Togo West Africa As English Speaking Person

I am Andy Lee Graham from Orland, Indiana, I have visited Togo maybe 8 separate times, and this is my journey to learn the Ewe Language, with videos.

Working Knowledge of a Language Defined

At what level of learning, can you say yo have a working knowledge of a language? This is one level of defining your fluency in a language.

Learn a Language for Specific Purposes

I avoid language schools and teachers, they want to teach me stuff I do not need, I want to learn a language for a specific purpose.

Language Teachers Dont Need Lip Service

What is something you pretend to understand, but really dont? The list is long, and paying lip service sabotages our ability to learn foreign languages.

Foreign Languages Needs Complete Lists of Words and Phrases

Why do foreign language tutorials teach me short list of words on subjects, when in reality we need every possible combination of foreign language words?

List of Taxi Words and Phrases Ready to Translate

This is an evolving list of word in English, you can add word in the comments. The words we need to learn in other languages about taxis.

Are you Visual or Auditory or Kinesthetic Learning Test?

Do you learn by seeing, hearing or touching? This is an important knowledge, that will help you to learn a language.

Saying I Do Not Speak the Language is Problematic

If you are conversational in a language, then it is time to stop saying you do not speak the language.

How To Know An Alien

Accepting that you do not speak Alien, and cannot know a negative is step one.

The English Language Is All You Need

English is all you need to know to travel the planet.

The Proof I Do Not Speak A Language?

I still need to study French, that is obvious.

The Catch 22 Of Language Learning

Catch 22 of Language: When learning a word, if I repeat it, I am admitting I am stupid, but if I do not repeat it, I am admitting I am stupid.

My French Translator Problem in Togo Africa

Body language is more important than a French Translator, there are times when a meeting of the minds must be demanded.

Thai Dictionary by Pointing

Learn a simple phrase that allows you to learn Thai, and if you learn Thai you can talk make contact with a fascinating culture.

French Language

How to learn the French Language for people who are not lazy, you can teach yourself French, it is possible, I did, I am Andy Graham.

Thai Language

This page is to help you learn the Thai Language.

Getting Serious to Learn a Language

I can speak Spanish, and French, and often people tell me, I want to learn a language, I say, you need to get serious to learn a language.

List of 73 Ways We Can Learn a Language --- Pedagogy - Please Add More in Comments

Here are over 71 language learning concepts, ways to learn, be aware of them, your subconscious mind, will assist your conscious mind to learn a language.

Write an Email in Spanish Video

Learn how you can write an e-mail in English, translate it to Spanish and exchange e-mails with a person who speaks Spanish or other languages.

Spanish Dictionary by Pointing

You always have a Spanish Dictionary with you, when in a Spanish speaking country, or with an immersion program.


My name is Andy Lee Graham, and I have traveled the world perpetually for over 14 years, and visited 90 countries. My native language is English, I am from Orland, Indiana, and speak almost television English. I have learned Spanish in Central and South America, and have visited Spain. Yet, I also learned French in Francophone Africa, and have visited France, and French Canada.

Please help research, this is my language research page, but is also yours.

Thank you,

Andy Lee Graham

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