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At what level of learning, can you say yo have a working knowledge of a language? This is one level of defining your fluency in a language.

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Here are over 64 language learning concepts, by making yourself aware of them, your subconscious mind will assist your conscious mind.

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I avoid language schools and teachers, they want to teach me stuff I do not need, I want to learn a language for a specific purpose.

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Your refusal to learn a foreign language while living abroad scares me.

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Sitting at a Belgium French restaurant the other night, a girl says, tres cool, and confused me for the next 10 minutes. She said, very cool.

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What is something you pretend to understand, but really dont? The list is long, and paying lip service sabotages our ability to learn foreign languages.

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With US $2,000, I will learn French in France for 2-4 months. I am lazy, so immersion is the easiest and cheapest way to learn French fast.

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In this video, Steve says tacit knowledge and pattern recognition is more important than memory. The situation where we learn the language is important.

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This is an evolving list of word in English, you can add word in the comments. The words we need to learn in other languages about taxis.

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Why do foreign language tutorials teach me short list of words on subjects, when in reality we need every possible combination of foreign language words?

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My name is Andy Lee Graham, and I have traveled the world perpetually for over 14 years, and visited 90 countries. My native language is English, I am from Orland, Indiana, and speak almost television English. I have learned Spanish in Central and South America, and have visited Spain. Yet, I also learned French in Francophone Africa, and have visited France, and French Canada.

Please help research, this is my language research page, but is also yours.

Thank you,

Andy Lee Graham