Ewe Dictionary And Phrasebook

Ewe Dictionary And Phrasebook

Notes of ewe
If it's a question add (a) to the end

Afternoon- ñdø
And- kple/ eye
And you- eui ya dei
And you- wo ya de
Avacado- peya
Banana- akødu
Big brother- fovi
Black man- amébo
Bless you- atiswé
Bowl - agba
Broke- egble
Come and eat- va mi dunu Loo
Cook- Indula
Drink- anü
Enjoy your meal- Nezo Looo
Evening- fiê
Fuck yourself- onto eny nyené
Give me- tsø... Nam
Go -djo (joe)
Good- enyo
Good morning- ñdi
Good- nyue
His /her/ it's- epfe
Hospital- kødzi
How- alika
How are you- loco o fenyeouriya
How are you- Ofø nyue dew
How much- nenie
How much -nenie/ nenye ye mi le Nyo/sney
How- Ofø
I am eating- mele du
I am going - me yinde de/ mele yi
I am going- mele yi
I am in- mele
I am- nexø pfe
I am sitting down- manwyni
I appreciate it(feel)- é djodji nam
I can't- Nyemate ingu o
I come from- netso (cho)
I don't know- Nyemenya O
I know- menya
I learned- mele sro
I- me
I want- medi be
I'm fine- me fön
I'm tired- energyko nam
I'm very fine- é mefø nyue de o
Is it finished? Evø
Is there-  .... Lia
It doesn't matter - musu akpu
It is finished- Evø
It is not time- game me su o
It is time-  game su
It's down there- fu nu ye
It's not fine- me nyø o
Le- bath
Le fe- where to bath
Lemon- etigbé
Life- agbe
Little brother- nawvi
Mango- mango
Mefon nyue dea abe kpakpa luwøè- I feel fly like butterfly
Mi/ Mia-we
Much- Kaka
My Friend- honlon nye
My name is - enconya enye
My- nye
Nuts- azi
Oh my god- o maunyue
Oh my lord- o mawu
One tot- Dodi kanam
Or- alo
Orange- ingti
Our- miapfe??
Papaya- adiba/ aduba
Please-mEdi kookoo
Possessive Adjectives
Problem- jucara
School- suku or nufiøfe
See you soon- eyi zande
See you the day after tomo-eyi nyitsø
See you tomorrow- eyi tsø (cho)
Show me- fiam
Shower- tsi le fe
Small- vidé
Stop here- nø te de afi sia
Store- fiøseme
Thank you- Akpe
The work- Edø
Their- wopfe
There is none- melio
They call me- O yonambi
To buy- pfle
To go- yi
Today- egbe
Toilet- afødzi
Tomorrow -etsø
Tranquil tranquil - Blioblio
Two- dowave nam
Very- dea
Waiting for me- nø te kpøm
Water- etsi
Way - mø
Welcome- weisson
Welcome- woejon Looo pronounced wayzon
What are you doing?- Nuka wøm nele
What are you eating?- nuka dum nele?
What did you learn?- nuka arøm nele?
What is your name?- alike o yøna wo/ ingk ø wo de?
What- muka
What's up- Ehn fwein
Where- aFika
Where are you going? - Fika yim nele
Where are you going?- afika yim nele?
Where are you?- afika nele?
Where do you come from? Afika netso?
Where is- afika _____ le
Who- ameka
Why- mukata/nukanyuti
Women bartender- Dadavi
Work- døme
Work together- Mia wodo
yEaH food!- yo looo (eat with them)
Yes- eehh
Yes- Eyyne
Your - wo??
Your welcome- musu akpu

Seth Reynolds

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