Foreign Languages Needs Complete Lists of Words and Phrases

Why do foreign language tutorials teach me short list of words on subjects, when in reality we need every possible combination of foreign language words?


You are on "My Language Research" site, there is where a place where readers, and Andy Lee Graham, a world traveler can explain our problems with learning foreign languages.

Today's topic is about list of words; if you search on the Internet, invariably you will find list of words on subjects, and generally way to short to be of use.

Examples of list of words in foreign languages topics:

Bus and Train

Negative Body Language

(Body language is a language you speak, the language of discernment.) 

Here is a list of phrasebooks on 
Click here to find the langage you need, and a phrasebook

If you went to that page, you would find a long list of language phrasebooks. here are some examples.


I believe you probably can find the phrasebook in the language you want, but not always needed. I find it good fun, one of my personal favorites is a book directed at Niger, West Africa, the Hausa_Language phrasebook.

Yes, I want to know a few cherry picked phrases, as door openers.

Pas de probleme

Today, I am in Kara, Togo West Africa,
and the language of business here is French;  which means I need some French language skills, therefore I can look at the French_phrasebook on the Internet, or watch some YouTube videos.

Hmm, maybe, what I really need for the city of Kara is a good phrasebook on the languages of:



Cotocoli language

The people in Kara's first language is normally Kabye, and often they have no idea what I am saying in French, I must read their body language, and look for a "Meeting of the Minds." 

Angel in AFrica


or BUTT, no buttheads please.

How to avoid the negative body language?

Now look at these examples?

Transportation - (10's of thousands of words needed.)
Bus and Train - (Thousands of words needed.)
Directions - (Maybe 100 ways.)
Taxi (A couple of hundred words are needed.)
Money (My guess is you need 300.)
Eating - (Forget it, there are so many words, this is a ridiculous category.)
Bars - (How to find a bar is a good topic, bars is too general.)
Shopping - (Again, just a category to large.)
Airport (A couple hundreds words are needed.) 

Giving me 10-20 words is not what I need, I need from 50-200 phrases to remove that look off the girls face above, which really is permanent.
(The grimace of West Africa, a look of disgust to avoid.)

I was in the Cafeteria L'Elysee here in Kara, Togo, and she is a waitress, and really with a menu, you can just point at the words on the menu. And, HOPE the waitress can read the menu, please do not assume that...

What I needed what a complete list words in French, having to do with Breakfast, and concentrated on "Eggs."

Omellete de deux oeufs
Pas de tomate!
Pas de oignon!
Avec Pima,
Haché, haché, haché.

How can you, me, I or we avoid nasty looks of disgust?

By having videos like the one below, but with 100's of words:

Vincent is very very good, but I want more, not less, in this video he gives a few words in French about Airports. He is excellent, and what I want him to do is give me 100-200 words, and keep the looks of disgust further away, not up close and personal.

Note, always look at people in their eyes, this is your negative and positive feedback, and generally, when you see a look of disgust like above, swap out the person for a new one, nobody deserves this from the waitress.

Presently, I am attempting to collect a comprehensive, exhaustive lists of words for taxis. After I am finished, I will machine translate, then try to give to a French speaking person from France and translate. Hopefully one who has lived in French Africa, and understand nuances of the French language:

List of Taxi words and phrases ready to translate

Then, the hope would be to continually translate onto page in different langauge, and since I am in a Francophone the page would be:

List-of-Taxis words and phrases translated from English to French 

Thanks, we will pay people from to do this, with the hope that readers helps us by adding words and phrase missed, the goal to have all possible phrases, never a dull moment.

La vie est belle!

Andre en Togo.

Photos Foreign Languages Needs Complete Lists of Words and Phrases

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