I Am Lonely I Need To Learn Even Better French - French Language

What do you do after you see all the animals in Africa? What is you speak English and your are tired of Ghana, Kenya, Uganda and South Africa, (FRENCH)

Yesterday, Sunday February 3, 2013 was one of those days, I Andy Graham, of HoboTraveler.com got so angry, frustrated, I woke up this morning on Monday and vowed to learn even better French. I can travel around in French, Africa easy now; I can speak “Travel French.”

I am trying to bring my French up to telephone conversation level, so I can open more doors, make more friends.

I delete a huge amount of writing here.

I banned two people who made comments, so may as well keep my opinions to myself. Readers do not have the right to say anything they want, this is not a soap opera.

Nonetheless, I am studying French for 3-5 hours per day, so I can understand and judge my new friends better.

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Your statement about Only by being fluent in French here in Togo, can I slice and dice the nuances of conversations and friendships is quite presumptuous. Like everyone else, youd have a hard time understanding all the nuances of spoken English when filled with regionalism youre not familiar with. Imagine when it comes to a second language.

French is my native language, Im very good at it too (way above the average)... yet the first time I went to Paris, Brussels and Nouméa, I was puzzled more than once and I had to ask for explanations about some words they used (sometimes known words, but used in an obvious other meaning).

For someone who claims its not a necessity to have friendships, you do complain a lot about not having any. Just as you talk trash about Africa. Last time I checked, YOU decided to go where you are. Why have you decided to go there? If you dont like it there, then leave.

We cannot allow 99 percent of people to carry guns... well, the US do... with their archaic constitution and the rednecks wanting to preserve that right at any cost.

How did Hitlet raised to power? Well, its a bit more complicated than that. And its in great part because of the US who forced Germany to pay retributions for WWI... while Germany wasnt neither the cause of that war, and certainly not the winner. That put an enormous stress on German life... after 20 years of economic depression, people seek desperate solutions... and extremists gain support.


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