Learning French Is Saying I Love You

Your refusal to learn a foreign language while living abroad scares me.

Pretend you went to a meeting at the United Nations; would you try to understand languages spoken by other people talking?

Barak Obama

It scares me to death when a person refuses to try to understand the words spoken by another human being.

Today, I am Natingou, Benin, this country speaks French as its lingua franca, yet in reality there are 5-8 tribal languages spoken in the city. In the Hotel there are French, Germans, and a fee Holland people, I am the only American here presently.

I am surrounded by foreign languages; it is difficult, almost impossible to find a person that speaks English. It is similar to entering the United Nations; one must keep an open mind.

The U.N. has six official languages: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish. These are the most important languages on the planet; please notice that German is not one of the languages.

Of the 44 Presidents of the United States, at least half have displayed proficiency in speaking a language other than English. Chinese. Yet, no modern (post-WWII) president has gained proficiency in a foreign language,

Jimmy Carter and George W. Bush displayed a limited ability in Spanish, whilst Bill Clinton had some knowledge of German. Barack Obama himself admits to speaking no languages other than English.

Why learn French?

Here is the definition of “protégé,” in English:

Protégé in the English dictionary: A person who is guided and supported by an older and more experienced or influential person.

Protégé translated from French to English means “protected." Not the same, sort of an enlightened moment I say.

Are the protégé or do you have a protégé? To give protection is love, to learn French or any other foreign language is an act of love, and Americans often don’t board the plane, and they do not even reserve a seat when speaking the languages of love.

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The Miami Herald
May 6, 2001

Bush gets bravos for speech in Spanish

Presidents effort appreciated


The presentation was halting and he spoke Spanish with a Texas accent. But President Bushs radio address Saturday went off without a hitch and was hailed by many Hispanics as confirmation that they are a force to be reckoned with in U.S. politics.

Normally, Im cynical about politicians,\ Sylvestre Campos, a Mexican-American banker in Fort Lauderdale, said after listening to the
three-minute speech hailing Cinco de Mayo -- Mexicos celebration of its victory over invading French forces 139 years ago. But Ive got to
hand it to him. He was sincere.\

Bushs address -- the first ever in Spanish by a U.S. president --


Yes, it is amazing that President Bush studied long enough to give a speech in Spanish.


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