Listen To 3000 4000 French Words On Youtube Com - French Language

The man repeats each word 4 times. you can listen to 3000-4000 French Words on, or you can download.


I am in Francophone West Africa, I need to hear the words, for both recogniton memory, and for recall memory. I used to download the 800 word with an Edge connection in Togo, it took 14 hours, and I was lucky to get it done. The speed of my Internet connection is often too slow to watch them, so I download videos, then watch.

If you are going to a French speaking country, I recommend you download all of the videos below with, it appears to more stable than:, both work good enough with high speed connections, but I used the for slow connections.

Listen to all of these videos upon arriving in country to start the memory process working.

I guess he decided to only say one time on the 3600 word one:



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