Look Up a French Word Dictionary Then Listen to The Word

A list of ways, a list of web site that allow you search for the word in English, then translates, then allows you to listen to it in French.

I am in the process of finding sites.

Truly this is the most difficult part of learning a language.


I need a to learn a word. For example, I wan to cross the border, I want to know words like "Exit stamp," "Time I am allowed in country?" etc.


Offline: I go to Systran, an offline program that translate English to French.

Online: http://translate.google.com/#en/fr/


I want to hear the word spoken by a French person:

This page does it somewhat. I paste teh French phrase or word into the text box on the page.

French Audio Dictionaries:

Google Translate is maybe the easiest, and has the largest dictionary:

This is OK.

This one is good, but more complicated to find the word.

What I want, is a computer program that will read the words aloud to me, "IN FRENCH."

I highlight the word, and it reads it. 

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