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Learning a language is learning what exist outside English, outside American culture, it is the rites of passage of a traveler to learn a language or 2...


How to learn colloquial phrases in Frencrapidly?

How to say what I really mean in French? I cannot just look up the word in a dictionary; I need to know as many ways as possible on how to use a French word.

One translation, one variant use, is just meager, I need more.

I am here studying French words in Kara, Togo West Africa, which is annoying, because there are many ways to use just one word. It truly takes a life time to know all the nuance of a language. No, it would take 10 lifetimes to understand a foreign language.

Here is an Example:
I want to say, I am going for a stroll, or I am going to wander around the city of Kara, Togo.

I believe the word is “balade.”

I am never quite sure, nobody here corrects my French, they let all mistakes fly on by.

Why do I want to know, the girls at the reception are driving me crazy. Hmm, that is a colloquial phrase in English.
“They are not in a car driving me to be crazy are they?”

When I leave the Hotel, they ask,
“Tus sort?”
“Tus sortir?”

I thought sortier meant, walking around for the longest time, but it means more about the idea I am leaving the Hotel, and why they want to know that I am leaving is a mystery to me. I am walking out the door, I am leaving, that is obvious!

I say, “Yes, I am leaving.”

But, what I wanted to say is,
“I am going to wander around the city.”


Whatever? Well, if you are trying to learn French, and want to find more meanings for a word, then click on this link: Then change it the word you want to learn how to use.
I want them to be satisfied with my answer,
“Je me balade?”

The truth is this, people in West Africa do not just go walk around, so what I am doing is a foreign culture to them...

Conjugation of verbs, another never-ending path to take.

Balader conjugated?

Fun, and games in Togo, a Francophone country, in my opinion, the center of West Africa.

Andy Graham Kara, Togo, Francophone West Africa.

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