Sitting at a Belgium French restaurant the other night, a girl says, tres cool, and confused me for the next 10 minutes. She said, very cool.

The French use the slang "cool," almost the same as Americans.

Slang, jargon, and acronyms, cannot be avoided when learning French, what you learn in French class is 90 percent different than reality. One learns that learning just standard French will take a lifetime, and slang words are for the most part annoying.

Cool as slang

Text messaging French speakers with cell phones is interesting:

Bonjour is Bjr

Salut is Slt

However, I was happy to discover,

"Cool is cool," the Francophone community seems to use the word "cool," almost the same as English speakers.

Cool means: awesome, or great here in Kara,Togo West Africa.

And, how do you say "Weekend," in French? 


And, how do they goodbye, most to the time?

"Bye bye."

Franglais = French and Anglais (Anglais is French for English.)

I was told the girl was,

"Pas clair."

More or less she is a dizzy girl...


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NickyR from wrote 1 comment

I love the smattering of English words that appear in a lot of Continental European languages. My personal favourite in French - Le top de la top (ie the best haha.)

Gadget from has written 21 comments

A girl here said to me, Super cool. You are so correct.

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