Aagh Bah is Talking Ghana English

Ghana English is different than American or British English, it has it only special style.

Aagh - Bah is Talking Ghana English

This is not good, yesterday, Bah arrived from Kumasi, Ghana, and she is now with me in Cote d’Ivoire, West Africa. The Lingua Franca of Ghana is English, and in Cote d’Ivoire it is French, I prefer the French, even though I am from the United States.

Bah Ghana English

"Don't tell her I took this photo!"

Ghana English is sort of aggressive, blunt, it bangs at me, this is not my culture, and a language is a dominant force of culture. I do not want Bah to think and behave in a Ghanaian manner, it a perplexing situation. But is not a major problem, it is a cultural situation.

I believe only “Time” will change her English

We communicate with our bodies, style, and the tone of our voice and the Ghana way of communication is aggressive to a small town Indiana farm boy like me. But, as I interpret learning a language, we all adapt to our language surroundings, I know eventually she may speak Indiana English, which would always be better to me than New York City English.

I have learned French in Cote d’Ivoire, Togo, Benin and Niger West Africa, and this would lead me to have an African accent, or possibly continuously speak in a less than well-mannered French way. In many ways, I need to spend time in France, to overwhelm the African accent, and change my own French accent.

When I go to Spain, the local people make fun of my Mexican Spanish accent, and the rolling of the “R” which is often a low form of Spanish, and sadly taught in many schools in the USA. When I go to France, I do not want them to point at me and say, “Vous êtes africain.”

I am talking to Bah and thinking, “You are Ghanaian.”

I want a Cote d’Ivoire girl.

It is a competition of English, and I must take care to not say, “Let’s GO.”

There are any Ghana people living in Quartier France, of Grand Bassam, they are of the N’zema ethnic group, but migrated here for better paying jobs, and formed a small community. As best I can surmise, the people of Cote d’Ivoire have a better overall life than Ghanaians.

“Ok, let’s go”

“We learn Indiana English.”

Merci beaucoup,

Andrew d'Orland, Indiana des Etats-Unis


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Tu dois venir au Québec pour parfaire ton français, notre langue ici nest pas anglicisée comme celle de France. Pas de drugstore ici. :-)


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