How To Know An Alien

Accepting that you do not speak Alien, and cannot know a negative is step one.

How to know an Alien?

People in China are alien to a person from the USA, a person that speaks Arabic, thinks really different. The ideas of justice, fare play, and the American way probably cannot be taught to them, but in the end, I really do not know, I do not speak Alien.

How to know an Alien

African tribes have some really strange ideas; I can see maybe two percent of the concepts. For example, here in West Africa, they are about 50 percent Christian, and 50 percent Islamic, but all are 99 percent Voodoo.

I truly do not know anything about the planet, the more I travel, the more I know that to know people, to speak with them, to understand them, I need to speak their language. I than need to marry a girl, and live for 20 years, and I would understand maybe 75 percent.

What you do not now about aliens, is more than you know, and here in lies the problem, you cannot know a negative. But, if you learn a language, then there is a chance you will know there exist the negative.

Andy Graham

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