How To Learn Ewe In Togo West Africa As English Speaking Person

I am Andy Lee Graham from Orland, Indiana, I have visited Togo maybe 8 separate times, and this is my journey to learn the Ewe Language, with videos.


This is a page that will evolve, so please do not be too serious when reading it, there will be plenty of mistakes, and confusion. I am at the beginning of learning the language of Ewe, not a the end. Therefore, I will believe one thing, then change as I progress towards learning this small language used in Southern Togo, Ghana, Benin etc.

Language of Ewe or Eve in West Africa

I am in Kpalime, Togo, and have also lived in Ho, Ghana before, this serious study of Ewe is starting June 15, 2015. If you are reading much later, then maybe I am not even in Togo, so be aware of time differences, I am a world traveler.

Why learn Ewe?

Hmm, we think we are in French, West Africa, however, the longer you stay in Southern Ghana or Togo, the more you realize, that only 1 in maybe 10 speaks good French, and only 1 in 3 speaks passable French. They will nod their head, make you believe, but only a person Fluent in French is aware, "These people speak horrible French."

Well, I have finally learned French enough to know they do not speak French in Kpalime, Togo. The mass majority are speaking something like Ewe, and they not even agree on how to say the Ewe words. 

Yet, why learn Ewe? Because when you say hello in Ewe, they locals faces light up, and they are happy, and a better level of intimacy, friendship starts. Ewe is the heart and soul of this area, and French is just something they talk to go along with the YEVO here, the white people who travel in Togo.

Yeh VOH, I am trying to write white person in Ewe.

I will write words the way an American would read them.

Close to Yea, like I agree, or Vo in Vote, so close to Yea without the a on the end, and Vote, without the te on the end. 

OK, I think I need to make videos to explain this language, it is close to impossible to write the words.

What are the first 5 words in Ewe I have learned?



I am good

AND you, are you good?

Yevo -- White man.

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