Language Teachers Dont Need Lip Service

What is something you pretend to understand, but really dont? The list is long, and paying lip service sabotages our ability to learn foreign languages.

I am going to write a sentence below, please read it and be honest. Do you really understand it? Or are you giving lip service, nodding your head, and pretending you understand?

The Breakfast Club

Lip Service Defined: to express respect for something even though it is the opposite of what one thinks.

Please read this sentence:

I am presently in a Francophone country, but French is only the "Lingua Franca," not really the indigenous language used in normal conversations. The locals speak Kabye, Cotocoli, Lossa, Bassar and sometimes Ewe. They speak French, when with strangers, however, among friends they speak one of 4-10 languages spoken.

I am teaching the local children to speak English, and I say,
and they reply in English,
"Good morning,"
and I reply,
"Good Day."

I hope you take the time today, to understand, and not just pay lip service to your goal of learning a language.


Closing comments about the problem of Language Lip Service.

Nodding our heads, pretending we understand is paying a person lip service, and we lose, both the language teacher, and the student is cheated.

Learning a language is not pretending to understand, stop paying lip service as a teacher or student today, stop nodding your head in agreement, when you are totally confused.

Thanks, Andy Lee Graham

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