Learn a Language for Specific Purposes

I avoid language schools and teachers, they want to teach me stuff I do not need, I want to learn a language for a specific purpose.

My normal reply when someone ask me if I speak a foreign language is,

“I can ask where the bathroom in 20 languages.”

Yep, I was learning the language for a specific purpose.

Language for Specific Purpose

Maybe you want to go the airport, find a hotel, or meet a lover, whatever the reason you need to learn from 100-300 words for each specific language purpose.

Warning, a 3 minute videos of common airport terms in French on YouTube is dangerous at best. Why is it dangerous? When you say our 10 words in French, the person will reply with 30-100 words in French assuming you speak French. Now, you have to stop him or her, and force them to speak in English. You must learn at least 50 words, but really the list is 100-300 words.

Do not start speaking a language unless you can speak the language, when learning a language for a specific purpose, this is not a game, you are learning it because you need it, this is not a cocktail party, it is real travel.

How to start to learn a language for a specific purpose?

Make a list of 100-200 words in English, and then proceed to translate all of them into the language you desire. Then listen to all the words, and repeat them.

How to listen to the 100-200 words on your list?

This is the million dollar question and problem.

Do you have a solution to this language learning problem?

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Necesito aprender español porque muchas mujeres hermosas hablan español. :-)

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