List Of Manners And Etiquette Words And Phrases Ready To Translate

Manners seperates from the brutes: 

thank you
thank you very much
bless you
you're welcome
it was my pleasure
don't mention it
pardon me
I beg your pardon
excuse me
I'm sorry to disturb
I'm sorry to bother you
I'm sorry
enjoy your meal
bless you (after a sneeze - learn more)
Sir, Mr
Ma'am, Mrs.
I'm Enchanted to know you
I give you my respect
If you please 

1. cell-phone manners
2. condolences
3. etiquette
4. euphemism
5. flag display
6. introductions
7. manners. The socially acceptable way of acting. "There's really no substitute for good manners."
8. netiquette
9. place cards
10. respect
11. RSVP. The initials of a French phrase, répondez, s'il vous plaît, which means please reply.
12. thank-you note

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