List of Taxi Words and Phrases Ready to Translate

This is an evolving list of word in English, you can add word in the comments. The words we need to learn in other languages about taxis.


I have traveled to 90 countries, these are sentences I have said to taxi drivers. And, I wish to translate them into many languages.

If you are studying a language, generally that means you are going to travel --- and these are phrases that are strange, but needed.

Andy Graham


There is somebody on the wrong side of road coming at us.

A girl Tuk Tuk driver, "Cool." (Thailand.)

Go to the gravel road and turn right

Go to the gravel road and turn left

This gravel road is washed out.

The is a parade blocking the road.

There is a tree across the road.

The police are stopping cars to collect money.

I think you are the first girl taxi driver I have met in Africa.

If you stop for an ice cream, I will buy.

How often does the boat taxi come? (Trinidad and Tobago.)

Why are we going down this sand road?
Tell me now before I beat you. (Lome Togo)

Where is the taxi stand?

Turn on your lights, it is night.

Turn on the dome light.

What kind of car is this?

What is the brand name? (Cuba)

Your wipers are broken.

Please stop riding the break, I get car sick.

Have patience, please stop blowing your horn.

I will pay you to stop blowing the horn.

Hand me the window crank.

Please get out and open the door.

Can you read the road signs?

How do I lock the door.

My seat belt is broken.

That woman is too fat to sit in back. (Collective taxis.)

Stop talking.

No, I am not going to take you to the USA.

Why is this person geting in the car? (Egypt)
- Stop immediately - I grab the guy, and start pushing out - (Tour Sales at Pyramids) 

Stop the car immediately, I am not paying to have you pick up your friends.

I want to take a taxi tour of the city.

Do you really think you save money shutting motor off going down hills? (Brazil)

I want to know your favorite restaurant that is cheap.

Take me to the cheapest hotel in the city.

Put the car in third gear to jump start it.

Please do not smoke in the car. (Indonesia.)

Stop at that stand for some water to drink.

I am not going to pay more because I am from the USA.

What part of no don't you understand?

Do you speak English, can you find a person that does speak to help

Your drunk, let me out. (Riga, Latvia.)

Please stop blowing your horn. (India)

How did you break the windshield?

Do I just stand in the street to flag down a taxi, or do I need to call?

Follow the taxi of my friend. (Togo)

Do not take the toll road. (Thailand)

Speed bump

Turn left at the dip in the road.

At the bottom of the hill turn left.

What is the toll?

Pay the toll.

I want to stop and take a photo. (Acapulco)

Do you have a rain tarp for my bag on top of the car?

We need to tie the truck shut.

It is nice to be in a clean taxi. (Thailand.)

Do we need gas?

Go faster, please catch up with my friend.

We are following that taxi so I can find the place?

I am going to follow you in my car, please lead me to X, and I will pay you.

Stop talking on cell phone.

Stop text messaging.

Turn up the radio.

Turn down the radio volume. (All countries.)

I want to get my bag out of the trunk.

No, I will put my bags in the back seat.

No need to open the trunk. I will put my bags in the back.

I have no idea where you are going.

You are going the wrong direction.

You are driving in circles, let me out. (Philippines)

Please carry my bag to the car.

Do not throw the bags.

Is this a taxi meter city? 


Is this a city where I need to negotiate with taxis?

Turn on the meter, or I will not pay you.

I am not paying you.

This meter cheats. (Istanbul, Turkey)

Turn on the Air Conditioning, or I am getting out.

Turn on the Air Conditioning.

How do I roll down the window?

Where are the seat belts?

Is there a set fee for collective taxis?

What color taxi should I get? (Mexico)

Are the taxis here dangerous, I mean the drivers?

Can you call a taxi for me? (Bogota, Colombia)

Do you have a favorite taxi driver?

How much does a taxi cost per day?

How much does a taxi cost per mile? or Kilometer?

How much does a taxi cost per hour?

Pull along side the girl on the motorcycle so I can say hi.

You are missing a mirror.

Go slower.

Stop here.

Back up and turn around.

Make a u-turn.

Is this a dead end street?

Is this street two-way?

I gave you the wrong directions.

I need to find X?

I will pay you more if X.

Here, use my cell phone and call them.

Do you have a cell phone number, so I can call you a night.

Do you live in this neighborhood? I can call you when I need a taxi.

You stink, roll down the window. (Kenya.)

Do we have a flat?

Thanks see you later.

The light is red, please stop.

Do all taxis in this city run the red lights? (Mexico, City)

Is it ok to get our here.

Whatever you are doing, do not stop, this is dangerous here. (Lima, Peru)

Stop arguing, and get back in the car. (Basrah, Iraq after bus hit taxi.)

You hit that kid, and I will beat you to death.

Please pull all the way off the road so I can get out.

You are going the wrong way on a one-way street.

Drive me to Lake Atitlan, pick up your wife so you have someone to talk to. (Guatemala City.)

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