Spanish Lesson 1 - by Andy Lee Graham

This is Spanish lesson one, taught by Andy Lee Graham. This is for people who have no knowledge of Spanish, and do not believe they can learn. But CAN!


Hello, I am Andy Lee Graham

Turn off your cell phones.
Turn off Facebook.
Turn off Torrents.
Turn off DropBox.
Do not type on computer while class is in session.

Please download, and print the Spanish pronunciation guide.

Click Here for PDF   Click Here for Microsoft Word

Thank you, Andy Lee Graham
1-260-624-4414      hoboontheroad  AT AT

First Lesson

1. Beware of "Naturals," who learn Spanish effortlessly.

"Only a person that is a natural learns a word by hearing it one time."

"These are most often people who are teaching foreign languages."

"Ignore them."

"Ignore any lesson that only says the word one time."

We cannot learn a word with one usage, we must repeat the process until we are positive we remember the word.
(Recommended to start is 20 times of writing, reading, saying, and hearing the word.)


Take out a blank piece of paper, and copy the information below onto the paper.

Hello in Spanish is Hola

Open this card to print:

Click Here

3. The extra space if for notes.

4. Make 20 copies of that page.

5. This is rote memory, absolutely no fun, but this is called studying.

6. Copy everything on that card 20 times.

What did you learn today?

Six different concepts.

1. We do not learn a word in one time.

2. Hello is Hola

3. H is silent.

4. O is o in stone.

5. L is like love, or a normal L English.

6 A is like ah in father.

To memorize 5 concepts in one day, is a lot.

But, after 30 days, you will know 150 words, mas o menos.

And, with 150-200 words, we can start to talk Spanish, un poquito.

Please do not try to learn too much, you will become fatigued, and quit.

One day at a time, 5 words per day.


Andres Graham

I am leaving tons of words off the page, explanations, history, background of Spanish, because, they are not what we are doing, we are learning a language. Not a less in Flags, history, they all detract, and confuse.

If you wish to comment, please do below, maybe I will bring suggestions up into the main area. You much join to comment, and if you want to correct my English grammar, please request, and I can give you access to the main non-members areas.

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