The English Language Is All You Need

English is all you need to know to travel the planet.

The English Language is all you Need

I am from Orland, Indiana in the USA, a blond hair, blue eyed boy from the Midwest. After 15 years of perpetual travel, and 90 countries I can honestly say,
“American do not need to learn a language.”

Test, tell the person next to you with your hands,
“I am going to sleep.”

There is always someone around to help, the world believes by speaking English, they will become like America. This is not true, it is the culture that makes us wealthy, not speaking English. However English is indeed the language of business, the Lingua Franca of all countries by default.

You do not NEED to Learn a Language
However, by not speaking at least one language rather well, it would be hard for me to think of you as:

1. Well read.
2. Knowledgeable
3. Globally concerned
4. Internationally aware.
5. An Intellectual

It is my beliefe, that learning a language is learning about a culture, and if you have no desire to learn a language, the list of five cannot be applied to you, remove these labels.

Language is culture speaking.

That the list or reason to want to learn a language, in the end, it is 90 percent for people who are curious.

Please, never forget to avoid the naturals, the people who learn languages easily, without work. They need a separate category, and generally 90 percent of the people you meet in foreign language countries are the naturals, it was not a learning experience, it was not hard work, it was not a major accomplishment. Do not allow them to shame you, as if you need, or should be able to learn a language easily, it for sure is hard work, you need to study, or be lucky enough to be born a natural language learning person.

I want you to know, hand language is known by all, and if you cannot tell someone you are going to bed with your hands, then this is sort of strange. Again, I am now telling you, tell the person next to you, that you are going to sleep.

60-70 percent of language is body language, and it is universal, and I have learned to shoosh many noisy people on the planet.

A well read, knowledgeable person, who is globally concerned, internationally aware, an intellectual would, and should have the force, and self esteem to,
“Not speak a language.”
To travel free style, without a guide, in foreign countries where you do not speak the language.

If you hear that someone is roaming around China, it is probably a person how has great self esteem, or a hermit. (Not being able to speak a language makes being a hermit easy.)

More or less, it does make one feel vulnerable to be the only one in the restaurant, which cannot communicate by speaking the local language.

But, I am super fluent in hand language, body language.

Andy Graham in Kara, Togo, West Africa

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Whoa Andy!
Wait a second Andy and back up a bit. 1. Well read. 2. Knowledgeable 3. Globally concerned
4. Internationally aware. 5. An Intellectual
Are you saying if we do not meet your standards we are none of the above? I disagree quite a bit.
I know many people including many travelers who do not possess all of these fine qualities, some
only 1 or 2.
I consider myself to have numbers 1, 2, sometimes but seldom now 3, a bit more so on 4 and
with 5 I leave that up to other people to say yea or nay as we all have various definitions of what
you need to be and have to be such a person.

I do have a BS, MS from Calif State Us and from U of Maryland, European Campus, Munich a PhD.
But with all the degrees, travel, reading, etc, etc I have done my very best to ever seem to be an
ugly American or snobbish, and as intelligent as is needed.

I never became proficient in a foreign language but I did manage to mutter through a little Italian,
German, Japanese while living in those countries. I also was able to learn much of their cultures,
history, art, customs, etc.
Ive had a Japanese Amer. wife who was summa cum laude at UCLA, whose father was from Japan and
of the old Samurai Class, a German nurse, father of the Federal Polizei and now a Chinese wife from
I mention all of this only to note none of these allow me to meet all your standards so I feel somewhat
sad that I cannot tell everyone I meet that Im not any of these because I never learned a language
Today many people who have had little and some very little formal education can become aware of all
you have above without going any farther than their computer and obviously many have.

I also do well with body language and I learned a long time ago to smile and be able to laugh at yourself
helps when traveling.



I just want people to know, there is another world out there, and the second language opens it.

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