Learn how you can write an e-mail in English, translate it to Spanish and exchange e-mails with a person who speaks Spanish or other languages.


This is "NOT" Cheating, it is Communication.

I know you want to learn a language, this is fine. However, what is the goal of learning a language, it is to communicate.

Therefore, the quicker you make friends with people who speak another language, the faster you can be immersed. If you are truly living in another country, and 100 percent immersed, you must find ways to communicate.

If you can use a machine translation, the process of repairing the bad translation is also a learn process.

The more time you spend communicating in Spanish or another language, the closer you are to fluency.


Andy Lee Graham

The best way to do a translation is without depending on Google! Photo 

Estella L (LaFille1 explains the best way to do a translation is without depending on Google online translation tool.



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I have previously used World Lingo as a translation tool during a live conversation with a spanish speaking person on messenger. The only fault in doing so in a live conversation was the slowness of my response due to having to translate what I had wrote and then copy and paste. It is a great tool for emailing. That was some time back and I am getting better at speaking Spanish but have a long way to go. Right clicking to paste is the best pasting method because it lists three paste options the first of which is keeping source formatting. That will save the time of un-jumbling the pasted text.

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