The best way to do a translation is without depending on Google!

Estella L (LaFille1 explains the best way to do a translation is without depending on Google online translation tool.


Hello there,

As a translator, I don't like to use Google for my translations; I know this from experience. If you follow a Google translation, chances are you'll get a totally different word than the one you need, therefore if you're a completely bilingual person you know what I mean. As in my case, knowing more than English and Spanish, have taught me to focus well on conveying the correct translation as close as possible. Of course, there are other sources you can depend on to do translations besides Google, but again, I do not trust them since they have let me down in the past. So, the easy way of doing a translation for me is: I take a good look at the sentence syntax I am going to translate, and since I already know the target language...vîola! It's done! Of course, I owe it to my very good and ample paraphernalia I own. Kiss

Estella L (LaFille1)


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